Update: Google Tez is now been relaunched as Google Pay. Click here to download the latest Google Pay app.

Google Tez, a much-awaited app of Google has finally launched in India. Keeping aside all the rumors and speculations, Google has officially launched Google Tez — a new payments app by Google.

Google Tez is a payments app based on UPI, it can be used to pay utility bills, buy movie tickets, online shopping, restaurant bills, and many more other transactions used in daily life. Google Tez app allows the users to link their registered mobile number with their respective bank accounts that can be used to pay directly for different services and purchases. It also gives an app to app money transfer facility.


How to use the app:

Operating Google Tez app is simple and user-friendly. Google Tez app allows users to enter their bank account number and verify their ownership through SMS and OTP verification process to their registered phone numbers via the Google Tez app. Once the bank and mobile number are verified, Google Tez app will ask its users to add a UPI PIN to start sending and receiving payments.

Difference between Google Tez and other Payments apps:

According to some experts, Google Tez is going to be a tough competitor for PayTm, FreeCharge, and other payments app. But, Google Tez is not as described, actually, it is not a “mobile payment wallet” where the users can add and store money and pay for their different services.

In fact, Google Tez will link the app and bank account of the user and the money will be debited or credited directly from their respective bank accounts. Almost all major banks in India are supported by the Google Tez app. You can also use Cash Mode to anyone nearby without sharing your private details like your phone number.

Google Tez app is truly Made for India:

Google Tez app is supported on all major smartphones that allow you to pay or receive payments from everyone, everywhere. Tez offers language support in English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

Tez Scratch Cards Rewards:

Google Tez app offers Tez Scratch Cards that enables its users to win up to Rs.1000 with each eligible transaction. Additionally, your weekly transactions will enroll you to Tez’s Lucky Sunday Contest where you can win up to Rs.1 lakh every week. Please note that minimum transaction amount to be eligible for participation is Rs.50.