Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store in the country. The giant store keeps on organizing special sales and festive offers for its customers. It includes greater deals and discounts and the sole aim is to make consumers enjoy the shopping spree. Amazon prime sale is one such event that includes many Amazon prime offers.

The Amazon prime day shopping sale was started in the year 2016. Since then it is organized every year by the Amazon. The prime sale proved to be a great success as the Indian customers are always on their toes to enjoy the regular shopping festivals around. Every year this sale happens to be a full-blown out offer.

Prime day sale is an opportunity to crack the best deals and make purchases at the best prices. However, only prime members of Amazon Indian are eligible for these great offers.

Who can become a prime member?

Anyone can become a prime member of Amazon. There are no special eligibility criteria. There is a minimum fee that you need to submit.

However, you can sign up for the free membership trial of 30-days if you don’t want to pay money at first. You can continue your membership by paying the charges if you are satisfied with the services of the e-portal.     

This free 3-day period is an incentive that tempts you to join the club. You can cancel your Prime membership anytime between 30-days if you want to discontinue.

There is a special joining offer for college students and millennials. They can enjoy a special 50% discount on the traditional membership fee and shop endlessly from their prime day deals. They are entitled to many other perks of the sale as well.

What’s more? Their free trial period lasts for 6 months instead of 30-days. They get to enjoy the special offers and deals for a period 6 times more than the ordinary people get.

Apart from that, students get access to Amazon’s Off-to-college store. The special store from Amazon provides them special discounts and deals on everything from laptops to accessories.

What items will be on sale during this time period?

Amazon Prime offers will bring great deals, discounts and offers on the following items:

  • There will be special deals on Dell’s ordinary and gaming laptops. 
  • You will experience a huge discount for Lenovo Chromebook and Thinkpad.
  • Acer Predator Helios and Swift can be purchased at an unbelievable price. 
  • There are irresistible deals on Apple MacBook.
  • Microsoft and Samsung offer great deals on laptops and tabs.
  • You will observe mind-blowing deals on laptop and desktop accessories. 
  • Apart from these gadgets, Amazon offers great deals on Whole Foods as well. Pepsi products, Quaker, Gatorade, Doritos, Starbucks, and Frappuccino products are available at a discount of up to 25%. 
  • The price of Amazon Echo and Fire TV Stick also drops in a way to fix in your budget. 
  • Grab the amazing deals and discounts on smartphones from all the big and popular brands. Make sure to crack the best deals after checking all the specifications and budget preferences of the smartphone you want to buy. 
  • The offers, cashback, discounts, and coupon codes are valid on all the major electronic brands including Voltas, LG, Samsung, Godrej, Xiomi, Sony, Philips, etc. 
  • You can buy anything and everything including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, computers, microwaves, and cameras at the best prices. No other store can provide you with equally amazing deals.
  • The Prime day offer is valid on almost every range and category included in the web store. There are perfect deals on apparel, shoes, accessories, toys, stationery items and decorative items. You can also enjoy discounts on the kitchen range. The kitchen appliances and utensils are also available at the prices which you can’t even imagine.
  • The exciting offers are also valid on bigger things like furniture. You can buy double beds, TV cabinets, wooden cupboards, chairs, dining tables, sofa sets, and home improvement products. Everything is made from the best quality material and there are guarantees and warranties associated with it. 
  • You can also buy daily utility things like gardening tools, electrical fittings and bulbs, safety tools and home outdoor products at exclusive prices. At the end of purchasing these items, you will realize how much money you have saved by making the purchase from the Amazon store. 
  • Books and games are also a part of this offer.  

On the whole, there is no better time to shop.    

Are there any special Amazon Prime offers for non-tech persons?

Tech plays a crucial role in Amazon prime sale however; it is not the only attraction. There are lucrative offers on non-tech items as well. For example, popular brands like Presto and Rivet furniture offer 30% and 20% discounts respectively. There are irresistible deals on various cooking devices from instant pots to sous-vide machines.

Is there any way to avoid the bad Amazon Prime Day deals?

As stated, Amazon prime sale brings the best deals and offers. However; you will come across an equal number of fake deals while surfing through genuine discounts. There are special tools and browser extensions that can save you from seeing the fake discounts and offers.

Camelizer is a popular tool that allows you to see the price history of the product. This way you will come to know if the price of the product has ever reduced below the current price.

There is another website by the name Fake Spot. Every Amazon user is a big fan of it. When you will paste the URL of any Amazon product on this website, you will come to know whether the product reviews posted on it are original or fake. You will be able to judge the trustworthiness of the reviews and the products as well. There are many other tips and tricks to spot genuine or fake deals.

How long will it take for your orders to arrive?

Amazon has fastened the speed of Prime deliveries. It is quicker than ever now. The one-day delivery of the products is available in the metro cities of the country. In rest of the parts of the country, it takes around 2-3 days to reach your order. There is no minimum order quantity required.

The smartphones and gadgets are dispatched on the same day and there are many chances that you will receive your delivery on the same day of placing your order. There are offers like free shipping, Cash on delivery and many easy payment modes.

Are there any special Bank offers associated with the Amazon prime Offers?

There are exciting cashback and deals on the credit and debit cards of various banks. The most amazing offer is provided by HDFC bank.

Only Prime members can use this exclusive discount and cashback offered by this popular bank. You get a flat 10% cashback while shopping from HDFC credit card. The shopping limit is 10,000 INR. The minimum amount of transaction should be 3000 INR.

You will receive the applicable cashback directly in your bank effort. You don’t need to put any special efforts to collect these funds.

What is the Amazon Pay Balance cashback on Amazon Prime offers?

Who would not like to get a whopping 10% cashback on its shopping? Amazon Pay balance makes sure to make your shopping spree more exciting, fun-filled and convenient.

The minimum shopping amount is Rs 1000 and the Prime members can enjoy the maximum cashback of Rs 200. You receive the cashback directly in your Amazon Pay balance account.

You will receive the cashback within 72 hours of placing your order. You can use this cashback to make purchases further even after the prime sale and cashback offer period end.

What are the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member?

If you are still not convinced of becoming an active member of Amazon Prime, check out this list and enjoy the benefits of being a Prime member.

Faster delivery

Whether it is the prime sale or not, prime members always enjoy the quick deliveries. Everyone wants to save as much time as possible. Having our products delivered in times adds to our excitement and happiness. The ultra-fast system of delivery from Amazon was specially launched for prime members.

AT times, it even takes less than 2 hours for the delivery of the product. If you are running out of your stock of vegetables or groceries and guests are arriving anytime soon, pick your phone and order the stuff you need. Your cupboard will soon be full.

Free fast shipping

The shipping is not only fast but free as well. Yes, prime members have access to free deliveries as well. Whatever you order, from whichever range of Amazon India, your products will be delivered to your house without paying any extra penny on the name of delivery. However, if you want your products to be delivered on the same day or the next morning, you may need to pay an extra amount of Rs 50.

Unlimited entertainment

Many of us kill our weekends on unnecessary stuff like shopping for home vegetables, groceries or home essentials. The work seems so tiring after an exhausting week that it pisses you off. Amazon saves you from all the trouble. Moreover, Amazon sorts out your music choices and arranges the movies and web series you want to watch. You can easily download anything from Amazon Prime. Tuck in your bed and enjoy your favorite show along with your favorite movie or stuff.

The membership of Amazon prime enjoys the free and heavy dose of entertainment at the single cost of Prime membership.  

Indulge into reading

Anyone who loves reading books can take unlimited benefit of the Amazon collection of ebooks, comics and more. You can access the collection of Amazon Kindle and read your favorite books. Any latest launched book in the market or any old romantic novel that attracts you can be accessed anytime from anywhere. As long as you have prime membership of Amazon, everything is available at free of cost. Just press a few buttons and you can read your favorite stuff lying in your bed.    

What is the process of signing up for Amazon Prime Membership?

The process of becoming a member of Amazon Prime is as simple as anything.

Follow this guide to become an exclusive member.

  • Download the app or open Amazon’s website.
  • Sign in if you already have an account or sign up to create a new account.
  • Tap click to the Prime and select the Prime-free option. 
  • Click on start button to confirm the start of your 30-day free Amazon Prime trial. 

There you are after completing the steps of becoming an Amazon Prime member. Enjoy the best deals, exclusive offers and save your money.