Using the Amazon Pantry Offers with Amazon’s recently launched Amazon Pantry service, you can now buy daily groceries and household products online with just a few clicks. With the current Amazon Pantry Offers, you can save upto 30% on groceries and get 20% Cashback.

Amazon Pantry Offers

Amazon pantry is available at many cities including Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and 24 other cities. If you live in any one of these cities, do not delay and start taking services from the e-portal.

In India, the Amazon pantry box is providing a minimum discount of 30% on grocery. Keeping your urgent needs in mind, Amazon provides urgent deliveries as well. The next day delivery option is available in many cities like Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

steps involved in availing Amazon Pantry Offers

  • One should shop for Rs 1000 or more every month.
  • Take benefit of the available promo codes.
  • Cashback of Rs 200 can be availed within 3 days of delivery.
  • Shopping every month for 12 months of the year helps you save Rs 2400. 

What are the conditions involved in purchasing from Amazon pantry?

  • The offers are valid for prime members of the Amazon.
  • Making a purchase of Rs 1000 will entitle you to avail the cashback of Rs 200. 
  • This offer can be redeemed once in every month. It cannot be repeated.
  • The cashback of one month cannot be carried forward to next month. It will automatically lapse by the end of the month.
  • It is necessary to make prepaid payment in order to avail of the offer. The offer is not available on cash on delivery.
  • You must use coupon codes to enjoy the offers.

Other Amazon Pantry Offers

Amazon Grocery offer – Use Promo Code to get a cashback of 10% on Amazon pantry

Prime users can take benefit of this offer however; they need to pay the amount through their Pay Balance. Terms and conditions are applicable:

  • The offer is applicable to every pantry product except baby products, Patanjali products, and samples.
  • It is mandatory to pay for the purchases through Amazon Pay balance. It won’t be possible to avail of the cashback and discount if any other payment method is used. 
  • Besides this deal, Prime members can also earn an extra discount of Rs 150 on the pantry purchase of Rs 1500 or more.  Whereas the amount reduces to Rs 100 at the same purchase for non-prime members. 
  • The customers are entitled to use this offer at three times at maximum. 
  • It will take 72 hours to credit the cashback in your account after the dispatch. However, it will be credited in the form of Amazon Pay only. 

Amazon pantry offers and coupons help you save a major amount on your routine purchases. There are exclusive deals for the day and you will save a large chunk this September on Pantry provisions.

It is the perfect time to fill up your kitchen cabinets and cupboards. The deals of Amazon Pantry Offers will simply dazzle you. You can get a discount of up to 60% in some products. Apart from the amazing discounts and deals, you can avail of a cashback of 15% on every purchase of and above Rs 500. Get ready to grab the biggest pantry discounts the entire month.

While you keep busy planning for your day, Amazon never ceases to surprise you. The stock of biggest grocery sale is always open for you. The elegant discounts and mesmerizing deals everything on this eCommerce portal adds worth to your daily life.

You will be surprised at the unbelievable deals you can get on your daily products including groceries, soaps, shampoos and kitchen items. The Amazon pantry coupon codes can make the deals more exciting. There are huge discounts on daily items.

The online deals are preferable because of another reason as well. It helps you in saving money and prevents sweating as well. Amazing discounts and cashback without burning your sweat are no less than a blessing.

Take a look at the exciting deals from Amazon pantry offers

Nothing can beat the exciting deals and offers Amazon has brought this month. The remarkable offers will compel you to pull your socks off and enjoy the show. Moreover, the festive season is ready to knock the doors and no time can be more apt to stock your kitchen. Filled cupboards are liberty and you would never have to buy the daily essentials at expensive prices.

What more can you expect from a deal or offer? The lowest prices of your pantry products, free home deliveries, easy ordering schemes, exclusive benefits to customers and extraordinary benefits for prime members, everything seems like a plethora of benefits and services. The money you save can be lucratively spent on the other items that you have been planning to buy from long but couldn’t buy due to monetary reasons.

Additional Amazon pantry Offers

  • There is up to a 60% discount on many items and products.
  • A fixed 5% cashback on every prepaid mode.
  • A 15% cashback on credit, debit cards and internet banking of SBI Bank between 1stto 3rdSeptember. 
  • At last, there is Prime day offer. An additional cashback of Rs 200 on a purchase of Rs 1000. 

Prime Day offer Terms and conditions

  • Amazon has the authority of changing, altering or modifying the offer without giving any prior notice to its customers.
  • An Indian citizen, who has set India as its location and has put an Indian location as its address can avail of this offer.
  • The maximum benefit any customer can reap is Rs 200. This benefit can be redeemed every month and the total saving at the end of the year will be Rs 2400.
  • The offer is applicable to Amazon pantry products only. The same offers will not be applicable to the other products of the Amazon.  
  • There is no compulsion to participate in the offers. It is a pure volunteer choice and the choice is based on the best offers. The sole discretion stays with Amazon.  
  • In case the user has canceled the order or exchanged the products, the offer stands void. The customer will not be eligible for the offer benefits as well.
  • The orders you place are non-refundable. You cannot even transfer them on the name of any other user. 
  • You have to agree to the terms and conditions of the Amazon India in order to participate in the deals and place the orders. The user agrees to bear the loss occurred during the shipping or delivery of the products. Any damage will affect the purchased unfavorably. 
  • Amazon has all the right to withdraw the offer at any instant of time without giving any specific notice or prior information.   

What are the benefits of making purchases or ordering from Amazon pantry?

We have already discussed how we can save a major chunk on fuel and energy by ordering our daily requirements from Amazon. Here a few other benefits we can avail.

Convenience and easy

Shopping from the Amazon pantry is both convenient and easy. You can shop everything you need from the counter and that too in one go. No lines and no waiting at all.

Wide selection

You get a wide variety of brands and packing sizes in every product you intend to buy. There is no limitation at all.


With better deals, amazing discounts, coupon codes and cashback offers, you end up saving lots of money. You can buy your favorite brand at the best price.

Next day delivery

Getting your purchases the very next day of ordering it is no less than a dream. Amazon pantry makes sure to deliver your products within 24 hours of ordering them. 

FAQs related to Amazon Pantry Offers

Is it necessary to fill the box 100% while placing the order?

No. You can fill the box as much as you want. As you know, it is a virtual box and there is no limit of filling it or keeping it empty. The percentage of the box filled is shown side by side as you make the purchases. There is no compulsion at all and you can fill the products as per your requirement.

This way you can always keep a check on the box about how much you have filled it. Your stuff will be delivered to you in a box of the size appropriate to the stuff you have purchased. The dimensions of the box will be in accordance with the stuff you bought.

How is the fill-percentage of items in the Amazon pantry store determined?

 A percentage calculation is pre-determined for each item available in the store. It is calculated on the basis of the weight and dimensions of the product. For example, there is equal percentage for 4 bottles of ketchup and 9 packs of toilet roll. These are volume-based calculations. The heavier piece and the lighter items may take up the same space.

If I don’t fill my box up to the brim, will I be delivered a huge box with small items in it?

The boxes of different sizes are available at the Amazon pantry box. The boxes can hold up to 15 kg or 3 cubic feet of products. The e-portal will get your stuff packed in the box of appropriate size. The size of the box will be calculated according to the size and weight of the purchases you made. The size of the box may vary from a shoebox to a big carton.

Can I order my items to be shipped with Amazon pantry items? Is it possible?

No, that’s not possible. Items from Amazon that do not belong to the Amazon pantry will be shipped separately. However, all the items that you have ordered from your Amazon pantry will be collectively shipped in one parcel.

Are there any extra charges for the delivery?

Yes, there are extra shipping charges for the products. Prime members need to pay Rs 30 for the package while non-prime members have to pay Rs 59.  

Amazon Pantry is an online supermarket. You can buy groceries and daily household items from this store. Like every other product available at the eCommerce store, Amazon Pantry offers are equally impressive. There are amazing deals that are equally irresistible and unbelievable.

The Amazon Pantry was launched with an agenda of providing an easy, comfortable and efficient life to the consumers. We understand how difficult it is to manage the complete household single-handedly. With the busy schedules and health priorities, people find it as difficult as balancing at a beam.

The Amazon pantry offers draw your attention towards the amazing deals. The Amazon Pantry box allows you to shop for your daily requirements as per your comfort.