Amazon Mobile Offers

To take advantage of the latest Amazon mobile offers during the Amazon Great Indian Sale, click on the banners below to buy NEW 4G mobile phones and smartphones for up to 30% OFF on Amazon. During the Festival Sale, you can get new, powerful smartphones for discounts and Cashback with the latest Amazon mobile offers

Amazon Mobile Offers

Bored of your mobile phone already? With new mobile phones being announced almost every other week and the latest Amazon mobile offers, people in India can now buy new phones on Amazon every year.

In addition to these discounted prices and coupons, there are also some deals offered by Amazon where you get free mobile covers, free Bluetooth speakers, free headphones and other accessories for mobiles. You can find these deals and offers here.

To get even more bang for your buck, you can combine these Amazon Mobile Offers with Amazon Cashback Offers. Depending on which Indian Credit Card you use, you can get an additional cashback of up to Rs 2000 on your mobile phone. If you can wait till September, you can get additional discounts during the Amazon Great Indian Sale.

We have helpful articles explaining deals and cashback offers for SBI, Yes, Citibank, HDFC and ICICI Bank cards available on Amazon.

Another way to get additional discounts upto 20% is to sign up for Amazon Prime Membership. Amazon Prime Members always have access to additional deals, sales, discounts and coupons.

You can check out some exclusive Amazon Prime Member deals and coupons for mobiles here.

Amazon Prime Subscription Benefits for buying a new phone

If you shop on Amazon more than once a month, getting the Prime Subscription is a no-brainer. You get free 2 day shipping anywhere in India, early access to Lightning deals and a host of other benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a new Android phone on sale or the latest iPhone launched this year, register as an Amazon Prime Member and get great offers on smartphones regardless of your budget.

Amazon mobile Offers on Phones Under Rs 10,000

Powerful and affordable smartphones are finally here and you have the honor to choose the best mobile under 10000 INR.

Till a few months back, if you wanted a great smartphone, with the latest features and impressive additions, you would have to buy iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S-series. Yes, both smartphones are perfect, but they cost more than a luxurious vacation.

Obviously, you believe that with high-end smartphones, you get superb quality. In order to meet the demands of users, Apple and Samsung, with their premium models are unable to reach full system compatibility. It means that they don’t have enough time to develop a smartphone which will be strong, powerful and reliable as long as a user uses it. For example, Samsung Galaxy S models, have weak displays. Even a low drop will break it. This is a huge issue if you know that a display costs 80-90% of the phone value!

Then we have an app incompatibility which will a phone reach at some point. Manufacturers deliberately do this in order to force you to buy a new phone. As such, eventually, all the apps will become unavailable for your device.

Luckily, there are plenty of affordable smartphones. Time, when affordable meant cheap, is long gone. New models have almost the same, or even better features than top of the range devices and they look almost the same. The bottom line is the fact you don’t need an extremely expensive smartphone to get all the features you need. A mobile under 10000will be perfectly capable of providing that for you without sacrificing quality.

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