Amazon Cashback Offers

Amazon Cashback Offers! The most exciting phrase for all shoppers!

Whether you’re shopping for , clothes, accessories, mobiles, furnishing, sports gear, hand tools, jewelry, furniture, books, kitchen appliances, laptops, PCs, games, or anything else, Amazon has cashback offers for you so you can save more and shop more.

In addition to discounts and cashback offers for Prime members, Amazon also offers cashback on several credit cards. Click here to know whether your credit card or debit card is eligible for cashback offers.

Steps to Avail Cashback Offers on Amazon

Getting cashback is simple and easy.  Here are the basic steps to get you started.


Depending on the card, there may be certain conditions to be eligible for the cashback. Amazon has different agreements with different banks so the offers available to you vary.

You need to check for these things:

  • Products covered under Amazon cashback offers
  • Duration for which the offer can be availed
  • Minimum Purchase Amount for cashback
  • Mode of Payment
  • Compare discount available of app and website. Most offers are better when you make a purchase through an app.
  • Maximum amount of Cashback you get

Step 2

From the cashback offers, choose the products you have to purchase and move them to your cart. Make sure that the value of items in your cart exceeds the minimum amount required to be eligible for cashback.

Step 3

Proceed to the checkout page. Fill in the essential details like name, shipping address, phone number.

Step 4

Proceed to the payment page.

Step 5

Pay the total amount with the card and finalize the order! You’ll receive your cashback in your account within 90 days.

That’s all you need to do! So simple isn’t it?

Terms and Conditions for Cashback Offers

Now for some serious stuff about cashback offers while shopping on Amazon. Yes, there are certain terms and conditions that you must be aware of before Amazon cashback purchases.

A bank can disqualify anyone from availing these deals. You don’t need to worry! It happens only if a customer is reported for some fraudulent transaction or some kind of digital cheating involving financial payments.

A bank lays down the terms and conditions. Anyone who wishes to save with cashback deals must accept them unconditionally. Be sure you read what your bank tells you about their cashback policy

If you are planning to buy through EMI and “Card on Delivery” then you may not get the benefits of Amazon Cashback offers. Banks don’t take Internet Banking Payment a valid mode of payment for products offered in Amazon offers. Organizations and companies do not benefit with these plans even if they have valid corporate cards.

Amazon will ship your order as per their delivery statement.  You will get the cashback in your Bank account within the duration specified by your Bank but it generally takes about 90 days. If your bank has a policy for instant Cashback, you only have to pay the discounted amount.

Why Amazon offers Cashback to you

Well, you can understand it like this. It is a win-win-win for all.

Amazon profits greatly by using this wonderful promotional scheme since it brings more customers to Amazon. When customers get amazing benefits, they prefer to purchase from Amazon in future.

Banks also gain with cashback offers.  They enter into this arrangement and get in a partnership with Amazon and they get a lot of business in return. Shoppers get the best products for great discounts and money back as well.

Depending upon the card you hold, you can get a variety of offers. Some of the banks offer up to 15% cashback on a predefined minimum purchase.

Click here to see the condition and amount of cashback.

The cashback deals are listed along with the products on the offer page. You must understand that the cashback is not a flat discount. Cashback is a privilege to you from your Bank due to the debit or credit card you own. The cashback you get is not same always and may be changed by your bank depending upon the time of the year.

Most of the cashback offers are valid for some specific duration. Click to know more about the validity condition specified by your bank. Your Bank has the Right to extend or alter the deal.

All the banks do not offer all the offers. Click and check here for details on Amazon cashback offers.

Once you make payment against your purchase, you get the cashback within 3 Months from the date of payment. It will be credited to your bank account linked to your card used in the purchase.

If you cancel the order or return the purchased items, the bank will not credit the cashback in your account.