Amazon Cashback Offers

Are you tired of the same old regular discounts? Do you want to take your shopping experience to a whole new level? Are you looking for something that is not just good but great?

If so, then this post will be perfect for you! In this post, we are going to talk about Amazon Cashback Offers in India.

Click on your bank name below to see the latest Amazon Cashback Offers.

Amazon Cashback Offers
Get 10% Cash Back on HDFC Bank Debit or Credit Cards and additional 10X Reward Points on Credit Cards. Valid only for purchases above Rs.3,999.
Get 15% cashback on the mobile app and 10% cashback on the site upto maximum of Rs. 1500 on State Bank Debit and Credit Cards on purchases of Rs. 5000 and above per transaction.
Shop on using your Citi Credit or Debit Card to avail 10% cashback up to a maximum of Rs.2,000 
Shop on using your ICICI Bank Credit or Debit Card to avail 10% Instant Discount. Minimum transaction size: INR 3000 
Shop using your Visa card and get instant 10% Cashback

Whether you’re shopping for , clothes, accessories, Amazon mobile offers, furnishing, sports gear, hand tools, jewelry, furniture, books, kitchen appliances, laptops, PCs, games, or anything else, Amazon has cashback offers for you so you can save more and shop more.

In addition to discounts and cashback offers for Prime members, Amazon also offers cashback on several credit cards. Click here to know whether your credit card or debit card is eligible for cashback offers. Save more during the Amazon Great Indian Sale.

Steps to Avail Cashback Offers on Amazon

Getting cashback is simple and easy.  Here are the basic steps to get you started.


Depending on the card, there may be certain conditions to be eligible for the cashback. Amazon has different agreements with different banks so the offers available to you vary.

You need to check for these things:

  • Products covered under Amazon cashback offers
  • Duration for which the offer can be availed
  • Minimum Purchase Amount for cashback
  • Mode of Payment
  • Compare discount available of app and website. Most offers are better when you make a purchase through an app.
  • Maximum amount of Cashback you get

Step 2

From the cashback offers, choose the products you have to purchase and move them to your cart. Make sure that the value of items in your cart exceeds the minimum amount required to be eligible for cashback.

Step 3

Proceed to the checkout page. Fill in the essential details like name, shipping address, phone number.

Step 4

Proceed to the payment page.

Step 5

Pay the total amount with the card and finalize the order! You’ll receive your cashback in your account within 90 days.

That’s all you need to do! So simple isn’t it?

Terms and Conditions for Cashback Offers

Now for some serious stuff about cashback offers while shopping on Amazon. Yes, there are certain terms and conditions that you must be aware of before Amazon cashback purchases.

A bank can disqualify anyone from availing these deals. You don’t need to worry! It happens only if a customer is reported for some fraudulent transaction or some kind of digital cheating involving financial payments.

A bank lays down the terms and conditions. Anyone who wishes to save with cashback deals must accept them unconditionally. Be sure you read what your bank tells you about their cashback policy

Why Amazon offers Cashback to you

Well, you can understand it like this. It is a win-win-win for all.

  • Amazon profits greatly by using this wonderful promotional scheme since it brings more customers to Amazon.
  • When customers get amazing benefits, they prefer to purchase from Amazon in future.

Banks also gain with cashback offers.  They enter into this arrangement and get in a partnership with Amazon and they get a lot of business in return. Shoppers get the best products for great discounts and money back as well.

Depending upon the card you hold, you can get a variety of offers. Some of the banks offer up to 15% cashback on a predefined minimum purchase.

Click here to see the condition and amount of cashback.

The cashback deals are listed along with the products on the offer page. You must understand that the cashback is not a flat discount. Cashback is a privilege to you from your Bank due to the debit or credit card you own. The cashback you get is not same always and may be changed by your bank depending upon the time of the year.

Most of the cashback offers are valid for some specific duration. Click to know more about the validity condition specified by your bank. Your Bank has the Right to extend or alter the deal.

All the banks do not offer all the offers. Click and check here for details on Amazon cashback offers.

Once you make payment against your purchase, you get the cashback within 3 Months from the date of payment. It will be credited to your bank account linked to your card used in the purchase.

If you cancel the order or return the purchased items, the bank will not credit the cashback in your account.

Amazon introduces cashback offers time to time. If you are a regular customer of amazon, you must be knowing that it launches offers where you can purchase your favourite products and get amazing cashbacks in return. If you are an online shopping fanatic, you must be shopping through Amazon a lot as it is one of the most trustworthy sites for online shopping in India.

While some people who are regular shoppers, come across some great offers, some shoppers wait for such offers to make their shopping experience better. If you are shopping costly products like home appliances and electronic products from Amazon, it is always advisable to wait till you get some amazing deals from them.

Many a times, when amazon launches products of big brands, they offer huge cashbacks on the pre-booking of those products. Many people just wait for those launches and make the most of it by availing the offers. In March 2019, Amazon is showering some of the most amazing offers for its buyers and you can get upto 20% cashback on your Amazon wallet using different credit and debit cards.

Amazon is giving cashbacks on products from all categories like Fashion, Electronics, Mobile, Computers, Mobile recharges, Bill Payments, and many other categories it has. Furthermore, Amazon in association with other banks like Kotak Mahindra and Standard Chartered is giving cashbacks on using respective credit and debit cards.

Not only above offers, on specific credit cards, Amazon provides easy EMI offers to its customers which is very beneficial too. You are eligible for cashbacks and EMIs on popular credit cards, Debit cards and even on Netbanking from banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, Yes bank, SBI and Axis Bank so if you are using any credit or debit cards from these popular Banks, time for you to go on a shopping spree this month and make the most of the offers from Amazon India.

Bank Offers

Amazon is now tied up with various Banks and offering Coupons and deals and many more discounts for the bank Credit / debit / Net banking Users for various Banks and offering amazon cashback offers Let us see which bank has best offer till now and also one plus 3 exchange and cashback offer available here

Amazon HDFC cashback offerAs a card holder of HDFC bank, be happy, since you are going to be eligible for amazon HDFC  offers coupon where you will get flat 10% off when you shop in android app and an additional 10% off by using your HDFC card (debit or credit card) in amazon cashback policy.

Amazon SBI Cashback OfferWhile looking at the sea, you will feel amazed by Knowing Amazon Cashback offers for SBI Customers what is the first impression which you get? You get Amazon SBI discounts coupons and Offers for the sbi Credit / debit / net banking customers as sbi is well known Bank in Banking sector everywhere even till the last point you are able to see, there is still water and ever beyond. Quite like what you are actually going to get here with Amazon SBI cashback offer where there are offers everywhere till the point you see, and literally they are so many of them that you can’t take your eyes away from for sure.

Amazon Axis Bank Offer : How about availing a discount of 10% than what you have actually been getting up till now? You will indeed be happy. Isn’t it? Exactly, that’s the case with Amazon Axis cashback Offer where its increasing customers have praise for associating themselves with Axis Bank credit debit and getting discounts

Amazon ICICI Cashback Offer :Although, the name of Amazon ICICI cashback offering additional 10% Discount coupon  is not relatively new, but it has earned a special place in the hearts of millions of people across the world mainly due to offering unimaginable amazon cashback discounts, offers which no one can resist in any manner.

Amazon Cashback Offers with : Yes Bank , CITI Bank , ING Vyshya Bank, HSBC Bank , DIGI Bank  : For availing Amazon cashback offer for Yes bank, Citi bank ING Vyshya bank hsbc bank , Digi Bank for all debit or credit card and net banking customers. There is no coupon code which you actually require. It becomes quite easy and systematic if you have the card with yourself and the rest of the things will simply take care of themselves. Now, you need to check the Amazon Yes bank , amazon Standard charted bank, amazon HSBC ,amazon cashback offer Citi Bank , ING Vyshya on amazon bank cashback offers any time of the day whether it is before festivals or weekends in order to make the most of them and enhance your occasion even further.

Amazon Cashback Offers for Mobiles

So, it is actually a double cashback offer on mobiles ,  and various category wise using various bank credit / debit / net banking customers and also exclusive discounts and amazon cashback offers on Gift card which makes your relatives very happy and also amazing offers on AMEX cards from a single bank which will make your day.

In Addition to these Amazon cashback is also applicable for Moto Mobiles , Lenovo , HTC , Samsung , Leco , Karbonn , Micromax , One plus , Xiaomi , and many more mobile brands and their accessories like Chargers data cables , Earphones , Screem guards , Tampered Glasses , Pouches , Back Covers and many more mobile accessories here available for the cashback here

I think, that the happiness can’t become better and bigger than this for sure. There are renowned and popular names to make you choice such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, and Motorola , Oneplus , Lenovo , Micromax, Karbonn ,  etc. Of all the prevailing offers which are available with Amazon Cashback  Coupons, you would like to make the best use of the same in style with latest coupons and promo code.

Amazon cashback offers Promo Codes Vouchers

As a proud beneficiary of the amazon cashback offers, one thing I can proudly say that to make use of the Amazon cashback offer  on Yes bank , Standard charted bank, HSBC , Citi Bank , ING Vyshya bank offer and live life on your own terms? in order to live a life with dignity, pride, happiness and jubilation.

you need to avail amazon cashback offers make sensible decision just when the time actually demands in order to reap its benefits later on. I am talking on this cashback offers where as you avail offers, you can save on every transaction and along with it, your hard earned money will actually be saved, like the way you have wanted in the long run. Isn’t it great,

Amazon cashback offers on electronics

Amazon which is the largest e-commerce player in India now offering cashback and  knows the importance, So Amazon is now offering various cashback offers on all electronic items in amazon and becoming the first and the foremost in delivering the best of services. So That’s exactly the reason why it has been coming up with so many offers from time to time in order to give its esteemed and loyal clients another coveted reason to be associated with them and that too in style.

Get latest Amazon Cashback offers by scrolling down and select one of best Amazon discount offer. There are many cashback offers and discount offer available on Amazon India. Amazon India provides cash back offers, deals and discount on almost all category of products like mobile phones, books, cameras, laptops, shoes, fashion accessories and many more. Amazon promotes promotional codes, coupons, discount codes, cash back offer on variant product line. This activity takes place for a stipulated time period so that maximum customers take advantage of the offers and grab their required products. You will come across statements on the website of Amazon. Speaking about the offers made on a particular product or the complete product line up to a particular date.Below Amazon cashback offers, deals and discount will make you happy.

Amazon India Cash back Offers are available on all type of credit and debit cards. HDFC credit or HDFC debit card, Axis Credit or Axis debit card, SBI credit or SBI debit card, Citibank credit or Citibank debit card. Standard Chartered credit or debit card holding customers will get benefit of latest cashback offers, deals and discount provided by Amazon India

When we normally open an online shopping website, we first glance at the offers been made to us. Its a natural tendency of every human being. Amazon India understands this very clearly. Amazon offers with the best customer satisfaction results thus maintaining its customer loyalty in a very efficient way.Dealing with different and wide range of variant product lines. The offers made on the product are based on the price tag, its demand and its availability. This may be due to some festive reason coming across or for any other reason as such.Customer loyalty is the prime target of Amazon. They provide with certain percentage of discount if you get registered with them for a particular product line. This helps a family to maintain savings and lead a happy and better life in the society.

For instance Amazon has introduced flat 15% discount on baby products registry and 20% off on subscription on baby diapers. This Amazon discount offer particularly affects the parents section. It would help them to get the required materials for their baby by no time consuming process. Also aids in saving a lump sum amount by getting registered or subscribing for the product. Getting the maximum benefit out of the offers and discounts provided by Amazon India.


As it is already known that Amazon started its journey with selling books online, the craze for buying books from Amazon has always increased gradually rather than the contradictory. And why not, its obvious if your store is decorated with up-to-date and bestselling books. Related to all variant categories it helps in satisfying the hunger of variant taste of book readers. Amazon India is a complete online library. Which enables you to pick your desired book and purchase it for your own. You have thriller books, fiction, non-fiction, art, business books, romantic novels, subject knowledge books, cookery books, travelling books, spiritual etc and many more from each category.

Amazon is famous for selling its electronic equipment on a large scale. Amazon India has availability of top branded products with them and also the latest features which individual thrives for. Kindle is presently leading in the market for its peculiar features of making it ease and comfort to read e- books. It has turned out to be an effective means of reading books. After kindle there goes out our other collection of electronic items like apple iPod, Samsung phone, tablets, stylish and unique collection PC, wireless routers, blue ray players etc and lot more to offer the latest gadgets freaks.

Providing with awesome discount offers and promotional codes and coupons Amazon sells its apparels and cosmetic in a bulk amount. Its not only due to the discount offers been made on individual products but also due to the ample amount of choices been presented for each section. It displays all the latest trend of attire and cosmetics with discounted price tags which makes a customer to put as many products as they like in their respective cart. Amazon India is known for listing all the branded items on its website this creates the brand conscious section to just sit and place order for their bulk amount of requirement.

Amazon India has not only given immense importance to the products which are expensive in their own range but also took utmost importance in providing a vast range of groceries and household items. From kitchen utensils to baby products to economical homely products you may find all sorts of snacks and beverages as well kept for online shopping, now that something which you wont expect from a shopping online website.


Amazon is a collection of branded products in variant categories. It is a more or less like a big store equipped with products like books, electronic items, art gallery, historical & advertising collectables, health & Personal care, grocery & gourmet food, musical instruments, industrial & scientific, luggage & travel accessories, musical Instruments, toys and video games, fashion accessories and apparels etc. There is a lot more to offer apart from the mentioned category. And every category of Amazon possess of latest and trending features of top most brands.

Lets check out the brands available for each category of Amazon product line. In Mobile section we can go through a lot of branded product like Samsung Sony, Nokia, Micromax, Lenovo, HTC, and One Plus at lowest prices. Customers normally tend to prefer branded items due to to its pure quality attraction as well as certain added advantages related to the branded products. In a better way to demonstrate is most of the branded products come with manufacture warranty this helps in availing hassle free after sale services and give sense security in the minds of consumers.
Same applies to the apparel section as well which is a collection of top most brand like 7 Colors Lifestyle, A V Fashion, Aabroo and Amazon also possess branded fashion accessories as well like Gucci, puma, ray ban, levis, Joyalukkas, Malabar, Khanna, Kirtilals, maxima, sonata and lot more than what s been mentioned.
Amazon can be called as a single stop for the shopaholic section. Apart from the fashion collection and electronic section you have every single book related to particular theme. You have books related to your subject knowledge, books related to a particular section of your interest like art, coking, fiction, literature, novels, business related, spiritual etc. Just the name of your desired book, can give you ample choice of other related books as well along with your desired choice.
Amazon is known for its products and yes you will get branded products in very section including home gardening, household items and groceries as well. And the best part is due to the low price of the products been listed in Amazon which includes cashback, discount code, promotional codes and coupons, Amazon has acted as pioneer in reaching even the middle section of our society to avail for branded products without any hesitation and has helped a lot of individuals in their financial saving procedure and has made shopping process much simple and zero time consuming process.


Amazon makes the process of shopping the most convenient and exciting experience for an individual. Having said Amazon is a largest gateway for online store and can be used anywhere anytime. Amazon Mobile app enables an individual to search for his desired product, view the reviews and recommendation related to the product and finally make a purchase via phone application irrespective of your location, time etc. You can track the status of your product and yes can be rest assured with the payment cycle as Amazon comes with a tag line which says 100% purchase protection.

Amazon Mobile App basically helps in quick search of the desired product category; it helps in personalised shopping process by giving suggestions based on ratings, likes and taste of an individual customer.
It also shares product link with your family and friends via SMS and other related social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc. It provides an individual with lot of offers and promotional codes and coupons.
For instance we have something called as Save Big Every Day: Shop for Today’s Deals, Happy Hour Deals and exclusive App-only Deals and all the offers and discounts are been displayed as soon as you click the login button on Amazon app. Apart from the convenient shopping procedure and exciting offers made on the products Amazon provides your with no risk and hazel free payment procedures thus keeping you engrossed in comfort shopping without any fear of unwanted thoughts.

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